How Maximizer Will Help Your Sales Department

Sales is the lifeblood of any business and yet too often we rely upon inefficient ways to manage the data driving sales activity. Significantly improve your conversion rates and revenues by providing your commercial team with the tools they need to succeed - namely the data access, analysis and reporting functions provided by Maximizer CRM
Maximizer's advanced reporting suite prompts the sales person to follow up leads in a timely manner, ensuring that conversion opportunities are not lost. All previous correspondence and quotes are accessible at a touch of a button giving your sales team a complete relationship history to call upon to inform their sales approach. Comprehensive analytical data helps focus sales efforts on those opportunities most likely to succeed. Furthermore, Maximizer's mobile app ensures that it is not just office-based members of the sales team who benefit. Critical customer and prospect data can be accessed 24/7 by any member of the team with a web-enabled mobile device - ensuring that new sales opportunities can be responded to immediately maximising your chance of success.
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  • Manage your sales pipeline more effectively - ensure leads are followed up by the right person at the right time. Track the source and status of every sales opportunity to measure conversion rate.
  • Manage existing customer accounts more effectively - build a complete picture of your relationship with a customer and use this information to better anticipate their future requirements. Manage sales territories and account management and personalise views to suit each user.
  • Increase conversion rates - advanced analytics advise where to focus sales efforts for the best chance of success. Comprehensive reporting functionality allows you to monitor the effectiveness of your sales team and identify where conversion opportunities are being lost.
  • Improve sales forecasting - full reporting functionality offers complete visibility of sales performance to date and an accurate insight into the likelihood of converting current pipeline prospects. Use this information to be proactive in helping your sales team meet their targets.
  • Anywhere, anytime mobile access - your sales team can access their data from the office, home or on the road with any web-enabled smartphone or mobile device.

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