How Maximizer Will Help Your Marketing Department

Marketing success and sales conversion go hand in hand, with effective marketing initiatives often making the prospect more susceptible to the sales approach. By the time your sales person gets in front of the potential customer, it is probable that they will already have engaged with some form of marketing from your business, so it is crucial that this pre-sales function is at its most potent. Maximizer CRM provides you with all the tools you need to implement an effective marketing strategy - allowing you to personalise your communications with the prospect to target those areas in which their interest is greatest and giving them all the reasons they need to engage with your sales team.
  • Generate high quality leads for your sales team - search and segment your prospect data to identify groups with a similar interest/buying trigger, and personalise your communications to each group to target this trigger. Create qualified, engaged prospects for your sales team to convert by warming them up with marketing information specific to their needs.
  • Automated campaign management - manage what, how and when your customers and prospects receive information from you, based on their engagement history to date. Configure email campaigns which automatically run when triggered by a specific event, such as the download of a brochure from your website, or the creation of a case resolution ticket, ensuring that the recipient receives information pertinent to their requirement both at the time of the request, and thereafter through related follow ups.
  • Integration with your website - automatically import data from online enquiries, surveys and other web-based forms directly into Maximizer CRM, automatically allocating the prospect to the relevant sales person and tracking their data for future targeted marketing purposes.
  • Integration with other third party software, such as Mailchimp and Hubspot - enabling you to track contact and campaign data in one central repository (Maximizer)
  • Analytics - report on the performance of your marketing team to measure the effectiveness of campaigns, their contribution to the business, and the success of the sales/marketing partnership.

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