How Maximizer Will Help Your Customer Service Department

Anticipate and exceed customers' expectations by using Maximizer CRM to provide your customer service team with easy access to the data they need to manage enquiries and resolve issues quickly and effectively. Utilise Maximizers advanced reporting tools to identify recurring service issues and use this information to proactively manage your customers experience, ensuring complete transparency in account management. Maximise retention, ensure customer satisfaction.
  • Complete visibility of customer information - give your customer service team the very best chance of resolving an issue effectively by providing a single reference point for all account information relevant to day-to-day management, including case history, previous communication, and any related documents.
  • Effective case management - easily raise case tickets, and use alerts and notifications to ensure priority or fast response to urgent issues. Report on response and resolution times to measure and improve team performance.
  • Customer self-service - allow customers to view the progress of case management tickets online, view the status of their orders, and update their contact details - reducing the administrative load on your customer service team.
  • Central knowledge base - easily create a library of product and service information which your customer-facing team can use to address common issues to ensure they are resolved quickly and consistently.
  • Analytics - report on the performance of your customer service team to improve overall service levels and speed of response. Easily identify and proactively manage areas of concern before your customers are affected.

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