Why Choose Maximizer?

Maximizer CRM represents a single, cloud-based platform from which to track and share everything you know about each of your customers and prospects. By knowing them better, you can more effectively anticipate and exceed their expectations, maximising satisfaction and retention.
  • Maximise Your Sales Potential - Maximizer CRM's advanced lead tracking and sales opportunity functionality makes it easy to manage your sales pipeline, collaborate on sales opportunities and accurately project future revenues.
  • Automate Your Marketing Opportunities - Maxmizer's inbuilt marketing automation and data targeting capabilities will help you identify high quality sales leads, increase your marketing return on investment, focus on prospects with a similar profile to your most profitable customers and improve customer retention.
  • Raise Your Customer Service Standards - Maximizer CRM will help you track, manage and resolve customer issues, (including those relating to technical support, billing and returns), whilst encouraging loyalty through efficient application of customer information.
  • Improve Your Decision Making - Maximizer CRM will provide you with unparalleled insight into the health of your business, helping you to measure and boost return on investment, allocate resources more effectively, accurately project future sales opportunities, increase profitability and improve employee productivity.

How QiC Systems & Maximizer can help you and your Organisation

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