Announcing Maximizer CRM 2018

This new release has a number of significant enhancements including an updated look and feel.

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If you have valid Software Assurance you are entitled to this new release free of charge.
Please contact QiC to arrange for the upgrade.

Maximizer CRM Live (Maximizer's hosted version) will be updated automatically.

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How QiC Systems & Maximizer 2018 can help you and your Organisation

Your business pays a steep toll for disconnection. Employees spend more time switching between apps than using them; while you struggle to coordinate your team and get visibility across your business.

But what if there was a way to quickly connect your business, with collective intelligence on customer preferences, history and status?

Well, now there is. Today’s release, Maximizer CRM 2018, helps you bring everything together, quickly and easily, so you connect with your customers, prospects and business partners like never before.

The new App Directory connects your records in Maximizer with your business-critical apps, including Outlook and Gmail in seconds at no added charge, through the power of pre-built integrations. While the directory’s App Store-like layout makes shopping a breeze.

Be sure to check the directory regularly as we roll out more connections each month. This release, we connect you with your QuickBooks — giving you a simple view of each customer’s payment status right inside Maximizer.

Access your customers data anytime, anywhere through Maximizer's cloud-based platform and mobile application. This flexibility, combined with Maximizer's integration with web-based forms, means that your sales team can act on new sales leads immediately, whether in the office or on the road.

Here's how Maximizer Could Improve Your Business